09 October 2009


My husband and I recently welcomed a new baby into our family. Choosing a name for both of our sons turned out to be a long and sometimes painful process. I wasn't sure what to tell him when he announced to me that his favorite baby name was George when we were expecting our first child. After finally agreeing to the name Rory George, imagine my shock and surprise when he told me he wanted to name our 2nd son George Rory. I am still not convinced that he was joking.

One name that we were considering naming both our boys was BRICK. At first I mentioned it to Kevin as a joke...but it started to grow on us. We could imagine our son, a stellar athelete of course, racing toward the soccer goal while the crowds chanted, "Brick, Brick, Brick!" I even convinced myself that I would be naming the baby after my dad Rick (which was another name Kevin vetoed). But in the end we listened to the pleas of our families and our own good sense and named our 2nd son Toran James.

Flipping through the channels the other night, I caught the opening of In The Middle and heard the narrarator introduce one of the sons as Brick! I could hardly believe it! It was as if someone had snatched the name right out from underneath us (kind of like Asher, but that's another story).

For a few brief moments I almost regretted not choosing that name. But then I remembered that my two favorite boys' names are Rory and Toran...and we don't have room to store all the bricks our son would have received from his Aunt Amy! :)


Michelle said...

I'm just thankful I don't have two nephews named Finn!!!

Lisa said...

What about Finn and Quinn?! :)

Amy said...

Did I say I would give him a "brick"? Can't remember but my new favorite show is Glee and the main character is Finn and his girlfriend is Quinn! :)

Karen said...

I love his name. I just wish I didn't automatically call the boys Roran and Tory!

But then again, I can't manage to say Lisa or Leah without getting those names all tangled!

I'll just be the funny grandma who gets everyone's names mixed up!