31 October 2009


Do you remember that children's rhyme your mom used to tell you that went something like, "there were 4 in the bed and the little one said 'roll over'"? Well, little did I know that verse was a glimpse into my future. I know all the authorities on child raising say NEVER to bring your kids into bed with you...but I confess, my husband and I have done it. It wasn't so bad when it was just one son...but when we added our 2nd baby to the family, we knew it would be a little cramped. Luckily our firstborn magically stopped waking up in the middle of the night wanting to sleep with us. So we indulged our bad habit and let the baby sleep in our bed as that seems to be the only way any of us get any sleep. Well...its been about 2 weeks now since Rory got sick and started waking up in the night and, you guessed it, coming to sleep with us. And of course Toran still sleeps with us because we've never made him sleep on his own. I am here to tell you it is extremely difficult for 2 adults, 1 toddler and 1 big baby to sleep comfortably on a queen mattress. But thanks be to God, last night both our babies slept in their own beds! I could hardly believe it when I put Toran in his crib and he kept sleeping instead of waking up screaming! Oh the bliss of a good night's sleep...until 5 am when Rory woke up...and that woke Toran up...and we spent the next two hours trying to get them to sleep again in our bed. Finally Kevin and I had to get up and get ready for the day...I carefully put Toran to sleep in his bed and snuck out of the room. An hour later and they are still asleep...Toran in his bed and Rory in mine! So, there were 4 in the bed and the little one said, 'roll over'...and now he has that queen sized bed all to himself! :)


Michelle said...

Ah...I remember those days. For us, D loved sleeping in our bed. Leah hated it. We never had to share with two!

Karen said...

Thank goodness the new house came with a queen bed...AND your bedroom is big enough for a KING! These are precious memories - even if they don't feel like them...ENJOY!