04 October 2008


You can probably guess by the title what time I'm writing this blog. It's midnight again. I know I should be sleeping right now, resting up for the day ahead of me, but I'm powerless against midnight's charm. Midnight has become my solace from the noise and craziness of each day. My husband's asleep and I can finally turn his sports show off. My son is asleep and I no longer have to chase him through the house trying to keep him from serious harm. A peace settles over our home and over my heart. I can think again. I can get a load of laundry done. In one hour I can accomplish projects that would take me an entire day to finish. I can read blogs and sometimes write them. Answer that e-mail. Balance my checkbook. Pay the bills. Read a book. It's a magical hour. I tell myself I'm crazy for staying up so late...I have a baby to take care of...I should go to bed when he does. But I just can't do it. I can hear midnight calling to me with promises of freedom and solitude and I give in again. My step-dad once asked me what I was doing up so late when I sent him an e-mail after midnight. The answer? Whatever I want! Midnight is my new best friend!