21 March 2008


I'm a complainer by nature. I try not to be, but genetics dictate that I find something wrong with everything. This fact makes me perfect for the position I hold at work (finding mistakes other people have made and fixing them)...but I also have a low tolerance for stupidity. So when I have to correct the same mistake made by the same person for the tenth time, I hate my job.

Last night I went with my family to my niece's choir concert. I loved it. I had so much fun listening to the children singing...and I found myself regretting that I never became a music teacher. I love to teach music to children! I watched the faces of the choir teachers and they looked like they love what they do...even when one of the kids puked in the middle of a song! :)

Later that night as I was trying to fall asleep, I was dreaming of how great it would be to quit my job, go back to school, and eventually be one of the music teachers in Arlington. Then reality hit. If I were a teacher, I would have to leave my son everyday and go to work. Whereas, the job I have now gives me the flexibility of working from home. And it occurred to me that no matter how tedious my job may be, I have to be thankful for the fact that I can support my family AND stay home with my son. Not to mention the satisfaction I have of knowing I excel at what I do since I am such an accomplished fault finder. :)