15 July 2008


I don't know what it is about a gold star that spurs me on to good works, but that's all I need to want to accomplish greatness. I think my current quest for the elusive gold star began in high school in Mr. Cleaves' English class. Mr. Cleaves would give gold stars to any student who came up with a particularly brilliant response in class. These gold stars were not given out very often and were highly sought after. It took me two years, but at the end of my senior year, I received the gold star. I can't for the life of me remember what brilliant observation I made, but I remember the sense of satisfaction I felt when he handed that star to me. Come to think of it, I may still have it stuck to an old paper in my special box.

As an adult, there aren't that many opportunities for gold star rewards. Gold stars tend to be reserved for Sunday School and chores lists. But the other day I was timidly sharing a thought I had about a project at work and viola! It was such a brilliant thought that I was given the "bright idea award". Certainly on the same level as a gold star. I was elated that my idea was received with such enthusiasm. The idea became protocol and the protocol became a memo that got passed out to all my co-workers sporting my "bright idea". Today one of my co-workers asked me what prize I got as my "bright idea award" ... no prize ... just the cartoon of a lightbulb with a smiley face next to my name on a memo ... what more do I need?! For some reason, she was not impressed.

I guess gold stars do not excite everyone. For me, the gold star is still elusive and something to strive for. As I entered my current weight today on Weight Watchers.com and reached my first 5 pound goal, I was rewarded with a bright red cyber star on my progress chart. It may not be gold, but it's just as good! :)

06 July 2008


Those of you who know my husband know that he is a competitor by nature. He can turn ordinary, mundane tasks like walking back to my mom's house after the parade into a competition. We've made bets on everything from whether or not he could find a Kenny Rogers baseball card in 20 seconds to how successful it will be to grow corn in our backyard garden (the jury's still out on that one).

Kevin is an athelete...and I try to be one. Since we started dating, we've played many sports and games together that almost always end up in disaster. The problem is: he's good at everything and almost always wins and I am a VERY poor loser. Our relationship nearly ended over a bad round of golf...and playing any card game with him makes me scream. So you'll understand my hesitation when he asked me to play tennis with him.

I'm not a tennis player...I've never understood how to keep score. I cannot serve the ball overhand or keep the ball in the court. So it was with great reluctance that I went with him to the tennis court today. He said he wasn't very good and he just wanted to hit the ball back and forth...he was right! For the first time we met on an even playing field...we spent 45 minutes running and laughing and cheering each other on...and we had the best time ever! No winner. No loser. No tantrums! :) Just Kevin and I enjoying some time together. We completely sucked, but other than that, tennis is definitely our sport!