21 September 2008


David and Leah were the first kids born to the next generation of our family. Both kids were born while I was still in high school...and after Michelle and Erik moved back to Washington, I adopted both of them as my buddies and sidekicks. I used to take David to youth group with me...the three of us have had countless lunches at McDonalds...bowling trips...movies...over-nighters. Some of my best memories have been spent with them.

And then came Rory...suddenly it became difficult to take David and Leah to the movies...or an impromptu lunch...and for a while, over-nighters were non-existent. Until tonight. I had the pleasure of taking David and Leah to game night at my friends' house. We've moved away from our usual Cranium adventures and have joined the multitudes rocking out to "Rock Band". I knew that David and Leah had been wanting to play the game, so I asked them if they wanted to come along.

The evening started out with pizza, Dr Pepper, Cheddar and Sour Cream potato chips and OF COURSE peanut butter M&M's...and ended with another terrific memory. We all rocked out with our wicked guitar moves, drum playing and even some almost on key singing (okay I was the only one who braved the dreaded microphone). Then when it was late and I should have been getting the kids home, we all sat down for a couple rounds of Apples to Apples. It was a great night. The kids had a blast...I had a blast...and we even coined a new phrase: "French flies?!" Now we're back at my house enjoying another over-nighter...tucked in...looking forward to a lazy morning and the "incredible" breakfast Kevin promised us. What a good night!

19 September 2008


I woke up this morning to baby kisses and hugs and giggles because according to my husband "Rory wanted to see Mommy". I tickled him and kissed him and indulged in the perfection of the moment knowing that those moments are precious and pass by all too quickly. My son is 8 months old and if you asked me I'd swear I gave birth to him last week. Already I feel that my time with him is going by too fast.

So life recently gave me a reason to appreciate every instance of his life. Last week I was diagnosed with a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. There are many things that I do not know or understand about my diagnosis, but what is very clear to me is that without treatment this disease makes me infertile. And even though there is a good chance the treatment will enable me to have more children, there is a chance that it won't. That Rory will be my only child.

I always imagined I would be the mother of at least two children if not more, even though my husband would be perfectly happy with just one! :) But...I've also always wondered why Kevin and I were blessed with such an amazing son. Rory started sleeping through the night when he was a week old. He would only cry if he was hungry or tired. He's a happy baby...always quick to smile and giggle. A true joy to have around. At times it seemed he was too good to be true.

So now I cannot help but wonder if God gave us such a sweet baby knowing that this disease was in my future. That God took all the best parts of Kevin and I and he put them together in one beautiful boy who has his Mommy's nose and his Daddy's eyes...his Mommy's love for music and his Daddy's athletic ability...his Mommy's sense of humor and his Daddy's subtle charm. I look at Rory and know without a doubt that he is my greatest accomplishment, the best part of everyday and the sweetest thing in my life.