20 April 2008


I've been a mom for three months now and I feel like I've gotten into my groove. But this morning I hit a speed bump...I woke up with a sore throat and stuffed nose. I told myself it would go away, but by the time we got back from church, I could tell I was in for it. As Kevin was fixing breakfast for us before he had to go to work for the day, I asked him a question: "Who takes care of the Mommy when she's sick?" He didn't have an answer for me, but I was pretty sure the answer was nobody...the Mommy just has to suck it up. So I did.

I went to work today to get some stuff done. Then I took Rory to the Boys and Girls Club and got dinner for myself and Kevin. Rory and I got home at 6:30 and I fed him and changed him and played with him all the while ignoring the sinus headache and congestion that was trying to take over! Then my husband came home...and transformed into "Superdad" (his words, not mine). He completely took over caring for Rory so I could take care of myself...he even did Rory's bathtime by himself and let me rest and drink some tea! It was awesome! So Kevin did answer my question from this morning...as long as the Mommy has an amazing husband to depend on, the only thing she has to suck up is snot! :)